Designed For Divinity


Detox/yoga Meditation Retreat

10 -20 April 2020

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Registrations are open  

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local no : 00351 91 5642053

local no : 00351 96 4763974

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10 Days program 10 April to 20 April 

Sunday arrival at 18:00 / Wednesday departure at 17:00

Daily Program: 


Yoga class                         1800 – 1900

Juicing / soups                 1900 – 1945

Lectures and Stories         1945 – 2100

Questions & answers         2100 – 2200

Rest                                    2200

Saturday morning

Dynamic yoga postures

This will allow you to experience deep relaxation and profound mental peace.

Asana and meditation       0700 – 0830

Juicing                               0830 – 1000

Part 1 diet & nutrition        1000 – 1200

What is Sentient diet

How it affect your Mind and your Body

How to transform your health, revitalize,

rejuvenate your body and Strengthen your mind.


Tantra Meditation             1200 – 1300  breathing exercises

Practical class juicing       1300 – 1500

Questions and answers.  1500 – 1600

Free time Walks               1600 –1800


Juicing / soups                 1800 – 1930

Experiences & stories       1930 – 2100

Question & answers          2100 – 2200

Sleep                                 2200.

Sunday  Morning:

 Asanas and meditation     0700 – 0830

Juicing                                0830 – 1000

Part 2 diet & nutrition         1000 – 1200

Understanding what is Static diet


Meditation                         1200 – 1300  breathing exercise

Practical class juicing       1300 – 1500

Questions and ans.           1500 – 1600

Check out                          1700

Daily PROGRAM Day 1 Saturday 


Dynamic morning yoga postures

Asanas and mediation       0700 – 0830

Juicing                               0830 – 1000

Part 1 diet & nutrition       1000 – 1200



Short talk and practice     1200 –  1300

Practical class on juicing  1300 – 1500

Questions and ans.          1500 – 1600

Free time Walks               1600 – 1800


Juicing / soups                 1800 – 1930

lectures and stories          1930 – 2100

Check out                          2130


How three parts of our brain, neo-cortex, hypothalamus and reptilian, direct secretion of hormones to control and direct behaviours.

The neurobiological mechanisms realign to the relationships with the body, and the neurones are connective circuits that create cerebral patterns which reflect as thoughts and expressed as emotions.

Techniques to reduce inflammation, improve chronic conditions and promote neuroplasticity to transform and harnes true human potencial.

Trust Games

Are transformative and team building games, that are joyful, bonding, inspirational and fun to bring cooperation amongst people to rebuild each self and society to live by principle oriented values  together in sustainable communities.

Detox menus

We designed a detox menu to heal your body inside and out. With delicious cleansing juices for the first two days. Then a light, healthy lunch and dinner for the 31st and 1st. You will enjoy a beautiful nutritious and healing gastronomical experience throughout the retreat. All meals are vegan and some are raw detox/cleanse juices.


Yoga sessions design to build strengh and flexibility, tone-up, reduce tension and allow you to heal naturally. Sessions are suitable for people of all ages and experience levels; feel free to be you, leaving your stress and worries behind.


Situated in the heart of Braga city, Solar do Areal combines charming gardens, the tranquility that brings us to the peace we feel in the countryside, the fascination in history and the romanticism inherent in an old Manor House.

You will feel right at home here!

The team

Dada Shivananda

Monk of Tantra Yoga, has been developing and teaching Spiritual Lifestyle training courses and retreats. Dada is trained in Self-Development programs of NLP IN 1997. He mentors seekers of Spiritual lifestyle as the way of future, by Tantric Yogic methods since 1987. He transforms and improve their quality of lives through yoga, meditation, understanding health and nutrition through Ayurvedic diet and practices. Dada he is also a passionate Fusion Chef.

Dr. André Amorim

Graduated in Medicine with complementary training in Naturopathy and psycho-nutricion. André also dedicates himself teaching yoga as a clinical tool to health and self-knowladge.

Mário Pereira

Macrobiotic consultant for over 40 years. Teacher and a natural healer through the “Tao” principle of yin/yang. Mário was the inspired pioneer of  one of the first  sustainable eco-villages with home schooling in Porto/Portugal. He also teaches and give lectures in South America and Europe.

Chef Alda Pereira

Experienced Macrobiotic Chef for over 20 years. Trained by IMP – Macrobiotic Institute Portugal. Also teaches Natural Vegan and Vegetarian cooking.

Caterings for events, music festivals and retreats. Organises Showcookings and Workshops around the world.

Alda she´s one of the Executive Chefs of Simply Sentient – Food for body, mind and soul.