Shivananda is a monk of since 1987. He has dedicated his life to Yoga and meditation, to make a significant and positive change in the world by practical teachings of SADASHIVA who systematised the Science of Tantra to elevate humanity through art, music, biopsychology, healthy lifestyle and understanding the simple joys of life!

He has knowledge and experience of other types of yoga such as Iyengar, Rajadhiraja yoga, Kundalini yoga, Ashtaunga, Power yoga and Synergy Yoga. He is certified as ERYT 500 YA teacher and trainer and certify trainees with AMYAI RYA International certification of the Rajadhiraja Yoga Ácárya.(RYA, Master, Trainer, Educator, Professional, Specialist, Instructor)

He has taught in the Asia, Middle East, Far East, India, Europe, South and Central America with the vast experinces of life and teaching driectly from His master.

Social and relief services

Dada has been actively participating in many different natural and man-made calamities since 1988 in various places around the world.

His responsibility in coordinating disaster and management in long and short-term relief program across the globe with many different organizations like Unicef, Care, SC- Save the Children, IRS, Red Cross, ICRC, AMURT, WPF (World food program),  and many others as governmental, non-governmental organisation. And continues to support all causes to preserve our environment for all of humanity to live a better quality of live to by making our world a better place.

Continuous Spiritual and personal education and development

Since 1997 Dada has been developing and teaching through various Spiritual lifestyle training courses, Retreat, Self-development programs like NLP. His dedicated work continues to help people improve their quality of lives through Yoga, meditation, other well-being practices, education and social service programs in Portugal and around the world. Right now involved in developing a Multidimensional Training institute in Portugal for a multitude of certification course designed for seekers of True Spiritual development. Yogic methods and lifestyle is the way of the future.

Health Diet and Nutrition and Naturopathy

Dada is passionately involved with Improving the health – diet and nutrition for the betterment of each and every individual which will impact our society positively. He was transformed many people´s health into a sentient vegetarian diet, teaching them to regularly drink green juices, and smoothies. Many common diseases like cancer, IBS, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, liver dysfunction, high blood cholesterol, obesity, arthritis, rheumatism, etc. Dada does best for your health with simply and logical dietary changes to help you improve your health by teaching you a lifestyle. Inspire you to change your way of life experince more than you think you can as there is always another level to reach. You will also come to know and learn about exquisite vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, sentient diets and about cooking which dada teachers as a great fusion chef. You will be able create it so easily, with great fusion recipes dada combines from around the world. “Your HEALTH is in Your HANDS” Enjoy the food you eat that make you healthy and strong.

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Alda Pereira

Alda Pereira she is a restaurant consultant Chef with over 20 years of experience in vegetarian / macrobiotic and vegan cooking.

She frequently coordinates workshops and showcookings in Portugal and abroad promoting vegetarianism and teaching creative ways to transform food for greater physical, mental and spiritual benefit.

In 2001 she have coordinated in partnership with the Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal the first Macrobiotic Cooking Course in Braga with the participation of Prof. Francisco Varatojo the founder of Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal. Francisco was one of the most renown macrobiotic teachers around the world.

She also worked together with the University of Minho organizing “Novos Manjares” program promoting macrobiotic cooking and lifestyle. She was one of the executive head Chefs in “Terra Viva” restaurant at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in RIO + 20 at Rio de Janeiro in 2012.
Managed and opened several vegetarian restaurants in Portugal, helped with consulting and promoted several events to teach about natural/ healthy lifestyle.

At the present moment she is the Head Chef and event coordinator of Hibiscus – Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant – in Braga, which she was co-founder in 2014. Also manages Simply Sentient Detox programs along with Dada Shivananda and Simply Sentient cooking videos creating amazing sentient recipes.

Alda shes the vice-president of NGO Amurt Portugal – Humanitarian & Disaster Relief Association organizing and coordinating fundraising events in order to support development projects, disasters and social relief in emergency situations. Her work with Simply Sentient is to contribute for these projects.

Cristina she is one of the founders of Happiness Spot and the Chief of Happiness Office. She says she does exactly what she likes right now. She is happy and teaches others to be happy.

She felt in love with positive psychology in 2011 and created the Happiness Spot to make the world a happier place. She holds a degree in Economics and a Post-Graduate in Management and Marketing. She has more than 20 years of professional experience in large companies, in banking, insurance, telecommunications and Marketing area and 11 years as a Businesswoman.

In 2005 begins a personal change, creates her own company, called “ Alternative Land”, with the mission to organize, support and publicize all initiatives that help people find emotional, physical and professional balance. In 2011 she began to study positive psychology, taking courses with Robert Holden (UK) and Sonja Lyubomirsky (USA). At the same time she practices Yoga, she studies mindfulness and coaching.

She says that she learned that difficulties that appear along the way are blessings that can give us wonderful learnings; that being vulnerable is an act of courage, that putting ourselves into question helps us not to make the same mistake twice and that the universe is always there to help us. She says that being happy is the way and that’s why it’s a choice one can make every day.

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Jonas is a passionate Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Outdoor sportsman dabbling in Surfing, Climbing, Mountaineering and any other outdoor activity.
He lived with Shivananda for 7 years and they are an inseperable team with tremendous respect for each other. He himself decided he wanted to be a monk like Shivananda so he went to the Philippines to undergo monastic training where he had an amazing experience but did not finish his training and not receiving, therefore, his orange robes.
After returning from monastic training and a break in SouthEast Asia and Australia backpacking and surfing he returned to his previous career as an IT worker where he still works today as a freelance web developer. Shivanananda and himself have been through the world with each other and overcome strong difficulties and struggles.
He will probably sing the Kiirtans and Bhajans during the retreats’ meditation classes as Shivananda cannot sing to save a sinking ship …